Jun 22 – 27, 2023
Auditorium Maximum
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Exotic states from LHCb

Jun 23, 2023, 9:00 AM
Medium lecture hall (A and B) (Auditorium Maximum)

Medium lecture hall (A and B)

Auditorium Maximum

Invited Plenary session


Mikhail Mikhasenko (ORIGINS Excellence Cluster)


The Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) collaboration has made significant strides in the study of exotic states of matter. These states, which include particles composed of more than three quarks or with non-quark constituents, challenge our understanding of the strong force and the nature of hadrons. In this talk, we present the latest experimental results from LHCb on exotic states, including studies of charmonium sector and heavy-flavor baryons. We will also discuss the implications of these findings for our understanding of QCD and prospects of upcoming data taking periods.

Collaboration LHCb

Primary author

Mikhail Mikhasenko (ORIGINS Excellence Cluster)

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