Jun 22 – 27, 2023
Auditorium Maximum
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Strangeness in Neutron Stars

Jun 26, 2023, 12:30 PM
Medium lecture hall (A and B) (Auditorium Maximum)

Medium lecture hall (A and B)

Auditorium Maximum

Invited Plenary session


Laura Tolos (ICE, Barcelona)


Understanding the dynamics of hadrons with strangeness has received a lot attention over the past decades in connection with the study of exotic atoms, the analysis of strangeness production and propagation in particle and nuclear research facilities, and the investigation of the possible strange phases in the interior of neutron stars.

In this talk I will review the dynamics of strange mesons and baryons with nucleons and nuclear matter, as presented in Ref. [1], paying a special attention to their presence in the inner core of neutron stars and the consequences for the structure and evolution of these compact stars.

[1] Laura Tolos and Laura Fabbietti, Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys. 112 (2020) 103770

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Laura Tolos (ICE, Barcelona)

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